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Relay Industries
Executive Team

Relay⨹Industries is the strategic wellspring and union of proven energy solution innovators, real estate development, banking, security, software, marketing, global supply chain pioneers, government relations & operational experts. Founded as an answer to the prevailing inefficiencies found throughout the global energy & real estate services industries, Relay⨹Industries has all the resources, contacts, experience, and talent found in a large firm, but with the dexterity and accessibility of a small enterprise.

Our Mission and aim is to administer innovative energy, urban renewal & economic redevelopment initiatives that bear the fruits of intuitive master plans, next generation material application, community revitalization, direct & indirect job creation, measurable economic growth, targeted philanthropic solutions, general poverty abatement, and full spectrum protection of stakeholder interests.

Relay Industries… Trusted By Those Most Trusted.

Aaron A. Patey

Founder & Senior Partner

Aaron is the visionary CEO of Relay⨹Industries. Aaron has lead numerous companies from concept & innovation to market entry & maturation… then on to third party acquisition, across a diversified array of industries. These industries range form energy solutions and education, to automotive production and aerospace technologies, to global commodity trading and government consultation services, to health & wellness products and advanced material applications.

The Patey’s Everclean has been involved in geothermal, utility scale energy solutions. His company has also played a key role in a U.S. Department of Energy Studies regarding energy consumption.

Aaron’s passion is people, and inspiring them to a new standard of excellence and integrity as the collective team accomplishes today what was yesterday’s impossible. Aaron is adoring husband of his wife, Lyssa, and the proud father of Skye, Rachael, Boston, and the one on the way.

Additional Relay⨹Industries team member uploads forthcoming.